Transformational mobile policing.

tuServ: a modern user interface with real-time information consumption and utilisation to revolutionise the way officers collaborate. 

tuServ was developed from the ground-up as an offline-capable mobile-first platform designed to provide front-line operational Police Officers with a collaboration space to surface information from back office systems and guide them through common processes intuitively and efficiently. Central to tuServ is the Event Dashboard, an integration hub that aggregates data from multiple systems (e.g. Police National Computer, Home Office Biometrics Gateway, Storm other RMS systems like Athena and Niche to allow data to be shared with other collaborating officers in near real-time.

  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Multi-officer real-time collaboration.
  • Integrates with local and national systems, including Athena and Niche.
  • Improves situational awareness and officer safety.
  • Captures multi-media digital evidence.

A multi award-winning, mobile policing platform, delivering real-time information, collaboration, and automation; freeing up time for frontline officers.

More details are available on the tuServ website or Contact us.

I have worked for three police forces and I can say with certainty tuServ is the best mobile technology I have ever used. PC, North Yorkshire Police