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SharePoint Online vs On-Premise

SharePoint Online or On-Premises?

What is the right approach for my business needs?

With the ever-growing adoption of SharePoint, many businesses are now addressing the questions: SharePoint Online or On-Premises? What is the right approach for my business needs? Our experts will bring their knowledge and expertise of both SharePoint Online and On-Premise to help you make the right decision.

SharePoint Online

With SharePoint Online, your business can be up and running in a quick and efficient manner, plus it is included within Microsoft Office 365, making it a more affordable option. There are added benefits and costs savings too, as your business does not need a dedicated IT team or infrastructure to support it. Microsoft manages and installs updates, manages scaling, creates backups, and manages disaster recovery, saving you time, and allowing you to focus on creating a great experience on your SharePoint site.

With SharePoint Online, you can choose between the Modern User Interface (UI) and the Classic User Interface (UI).

Modern UI was designed with mobility in mind. It runs faster on mobile devices and by default is fully responsive, so if you have many employees on the go, this may be the option for you. Modern UI provides a clean and crisp user experience and emphasises on the ability to quickly and easily create and build pages using pre-defined page layouts and web parts.

Classic UI is more feature rich than Modern UI but is not responsive out-of-the-box. However, unlike Modern UI it can be heavily customised to meet your business needs. Timescales and cost to deliver a customised solution can be much greater due to the development time required. No matter which approach you choose Black Marble will help guide you through your options.

SharePoint On-Premise

If you don’t want your data stored in the cloud, or if you have already invested in infrastructure and an internal IT department, then consider SharePoint On-premises. It gives you direct control over your information, and strict legal and compliance standards, but is heavily reliant on your internal capabilities to implement and maintain such standards. If you do not have infrastructure in place, the purchase of hardware and servers can be costly, and you will need an internal IT team to not only set compliance standards, but also maintain servers, add updates and patches, manage backups, and identify scaling issues.

SharePoint On-Premise also gives you more control over the custom development of your SharePoint site, from page layouts to web parts. Whilst this customisation allows you to really tailor the SharePoint site to your specific brand and business needs, any customisation will require maintenance to ensure functionality performs as expected in future releases of SharePoint.

SharePoint Hybrid

Why not have the best of both worlds and extend your On-Premise SharePoint farm to Office 365? With SharePoint hybrid cloud, you can take advantage of the hyper scale and rapid releases in Office 365 while leveraging the speed and control of your On-Premise SharePoint solution.

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