Our team of internationally recognised consultants provide specialist knowledge to address your needs.

Black Marble has a team of highly-skilled and experienced consultants that can provide specialist expertise and advice to our customers across the Microsoft platform, including Azure DevOps, BizTalk, the Universal Windows Platform, SharePoint, Azure and AI. We can target your primary software development requirements, whether you need in-house staff augmentation or are looking for an outside partner to take complete responsibility for designing and developing the software you need to run your business or assist with a project or process implementation.

The application of Black Marble’s accumulated knowledge to a client’s situation often provides innovative, and unexpected solutions. Bring the best to your organisation through taking advantage of our Consultants’ skills and knowledge acquired over years working with customers - solving their problems and providing elegant solutions.

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Sharing your cloud solution with key stakeholders within your business

Black Marble has extensive knowledge across the Microsoft stack, so I know when I recommend they speak to a customer they will be able to provide a holistic approach to meet their needs. Plus they have a strong, ethical philosophy which means I know they won’t push a solution that’s not needed. When customers approach Microsoft for advice we need to know we’re pointing them towards a partner they can trust – & Black Marble has proven our faith in them again & again. Architect Evangelist, Microsoft Ireland.