SharePoint for a Supermarket


Black Marble was approached by a leading highstreet supermarket chain, that was undergoing a cultural change in how they implemented technology within their business, and was ready to promote enterprise social networking for sharing information, tracking, and reacting to critical business events, and co-innovation within the confines of the organisation.  Innovators and forward thinkers within the supermarket had identified SharePoint as a possible solution for their business.  The supermarket was ready to move forward with this great collaborative technology, but was keen to ensure that the technology could cope with the demands would put upon it.

Black Marble demonstrated the full range of SharePoint possibilities to a key management team within the supermarket.  SharePoint Server 2010 provided just the right communication and collaboration tools the company needed. The enhancements in social networking, metadata services, and connection to back-end business systems were extremely beneficial. In addition, it opened up the supermarket to other Microsoft solutions, and resulted in the implementation of Lync in a very short period.

The Approach

The supermarket’ goal was to deliver an ‘all-on’ platform - a SharePoint platform that was fully capable in terms of scalability to deal with the organisation and fully functional to deliver what was needed, and then to invite the enterprise to explore the possibilities.  We ran a series of planning workshops and talked to the IT department, and other key stakeholders about the key information we needed to plan such as what SharePoint would be used for, how many users would it have, etc.

We worked with the supermarket to ensure it was architected correctly, with a plan to on-board department by department – carrying out workshops for each as we went along.  First, we engaged with the IT Department, starting with a Vision workshop, and including workshops for engineering, governance and compliance.  We delivered a thorough implementation plan, which we used as a guide to build their environment.  It contains skeleton governance and skeleton compliance.  We assisted in setting up a user group and a steering group.  We have provided the supermarket with a basic starting platform on SharePoint – offering departments with a basic set of features (such as collaboration) so that they did not need permission to turn them on.

The supermarket now has a flexible, robust, scalable SharePoint solution in place that is able to respond to the innovative, technology driven changes happening within the retailer.

As a sign of its success, once visibility of the SharePoint solution was prevalent in Head Office, other departments wanted to on-board, much faster than predicted.

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