Remote Consultation

In partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Black Marble has developed a remote consultation application to help medical professionals diagnose remote patients in need. Many families in rural areas are unable to visit hospitals when their child is ill. Many have no access to transportation or financial limitations may mean reaching a hospital would be challenging. The remote consultation application allows medical professionals to ship equipment to rural homes to assess a child’s wellbeing.

The equipment consists of a tablet, Kinect(s) and a stand. Upon arrival of the equipment, parents/carers can easily set up the pre-configured equipment to allow medical staff to conduct an assessment of the child. The Kinects are positioned around the child which generate a point cloud creating a live 3D stream of the child. Whilst in its early stages, it is hoped that the Kinect will be able to monitor and analyse the patients temperature, heart rate and so on to help inform medical staff when making a diagnosis.

When conducting the assessment, medical staff will wear a Microsoft HoloLens allowing them to see the larger than life 3D stream of the child, communicate with them, and analyse stats and patient records.